It’s Just Peace Corps Crazy, Baby!

What is Peace Corps Crazy? I think it is different for everyone. For me as of now, I can’t remember how to speak in English very well. I am stuck between poor Cebuano and bastardized English. I have a hard time talking to Americans who are not Peace Corps volunteers. Whenever we are around Embassy people, I have no idea what to say. What are the answers to simple questions like, “Where are you from?” “What are you doing after your service?”. All  that is going on in my mind is, “Why are they pressuring me with so many questions? I can’t handle this right now!”

There is the unhealthy attachment to fictional characters. I watch way more TV now than I ever did in the states for various reasons. But not just that, I really get in to these shows. I am right there with the characters, feeling their pain and celebrating their triumphs at the end of each 27- 43 minute episodes. These are my friends! Will Jess on the New Girl ever realize that she is looking for love in the wrong places, and her roommate Nick is perfect for her? It is really important for me that the get together at some point. (I do want to point out that I hated this show back in the states..)   Don’t even get me started on reality shows. Top Chef has me wanting to chew my fingers off. All I keep thinking is “Who is going to eat all that left over food? WHY ARE THEY SO WASTEFUL!?!?”

Literary characters aren’t exempt either. I find myself mourning the end of a book, no matter what the outcome of the story was. ” Are we done? There is no more to your story, characters friends? aww..”

I completely lost it the other day in an internet café’. The attendant was purposely putting my counterpart and me at computers that didn’t work in order to jack up the price. I got so pissed I stood up and stormed out. The attendant stopped us and demanded that we pay. It was only 5 pesos, but I was so upset that he would take advantage of us, and me in particular, just because I wasn’t Filipina. I made the biggest scene. I never do that in the states or in the Philippines. I have been ripped off countless times here. I got taken for 300php when I tried to buy load once. I was pretty much kidnapped by a cab driver in Manila, and he wouldn’t let me out of the cab until I gave him 1,000php. Then there was the time the street kids stole my beloved IPod. I took all these things in stride, but when that kid wanted 5 php for nothing, I just railed in to him. Well.. as best as I could. I yelled at him and called him a thief. He basically got the brunt of a years’ worth of crap. I think he was near tears when I just threw 5 pesos at him, mostly because I didn’t want to end up on an episode of “Locked up Abroad”.

I get really emotional sometimes and I have to send Ebonee texts that say, “I just heard a Luther Vandross Xmas song in the grocery store and I think I am about to cry.” And then she sends one back that says, “At least it wasn’t The Jackson 5.” And I respond with, “I heard that one yesterday… :-(”

Or I send one that says, “I AM SIMPLY NOT IN CONTROL OF MY EMOTIONS TODAY!?! 😦 /(-: “

Nothing beats when I drove Ebonee crazy one night with my concern over the quality of Christina Aguilera’s current work and how her divorce may have affected her creativity.  It was like I was defending my dissertation or something. If you could hang up on someone over text, I think she would have.

At the end of the day, I tend to find comfort in a quote by one of the world’s most underrated philosophers:

“Whatever you see you gotta keep a sense of humor; you gotta be able to smile through all the bullshit.” – Tupac Shakur

Can’t wait for Xmas break!!

Peace and dried green mangoes..



2 comments on “It’s Just Peace Corps Crazy, Baby!

  1. BAHAHAHA omg maybe it is a peace corps thing? i wanna continue on with the blair&chuck and serena&dan saga – until next week’s gossip girl….damnit! p.s i wish i could have paid money to watch you call that kid a thief in loud cebuano lol! you just did what we’ve all wanted to do. but, i do appreciate you not wanting to appear on locked up abroad. luzon is too far to be comin down to bail yo ass outta jail 😉

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